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Human Foundation

Innovative solutions for social problems

Human Foundation is a non for profit organization that promotes innovative solutions for social problems. It supports collaboration between business, government, social enterprises, foundations, institutional investors, economic operators and finance world to spread social innovation, impact measurement and impact finance. Human Foundation coordinated the Italian Advisory Board of the Social Impact Investment Task Force established within the G8, that produced the report “La finanza che include”. It promotes the launch of Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia, the network that gathers italian impact investments stakeholders. It contributed to the launch of Social Value Italia, the network that promotes impact evaluation in Italy.

Francesco Spano – Segretario Generale

Nicola Cabria – Chief Operating Officer

Gabriela Garcia – Administration Officer

Luca Di Censi – Scientific Advisor

Giulia Federici – Evaluation Consultant

Filippo Montesi – Senior Evaluation Officer

Giuliana Parente – Evaluation Consultant

Marta Rossi – Evaluation Officer

Alessio Vittori – Evaluation Consultant

Elena Forgione – Evaluation Consultant

Paola Natalicchio – Media Relations

Francesca Polacco – Communication Consultant

Rossella Paci –  Administration Consultant





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